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International Outreach Ministries

IOM operates relationally—like a family. This enables its Associate Missionaries to pursue their call and vision where and how they sense God directs while the IOM service and support team helps them to be fruitful. As an organization, we serve alongside sending support teams and local churches. IOM is registered with the IRS as a 501(c) 3 organization making donations given through IOM for missionary support deductible to the full extent permitted by the law.

International Outreach Ministries (IOM) is a diverse group of Jesus followers who desire to see people of every nation become His disciples in the Kingdom of God.

IOM is global. IOM serves countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Indonesia, Latin America and the Islamic world.

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If you are unfamiliar with our IOM Associate Missionaries, we encourage you to browse through our missionaries’ pages and prayerfully consider supporting one or more of them. Perhaps you have a burden for a particular part of the world or a particular type of ministry? If you need more information before making a decision, please contact us.

“I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light”

– John Keith Falconer

91% of your contribution goes directly to your missionary. Donations are deductible to the full extent permitted by the law. IOM missionaries are accountable to their sending organizations, to IOM, and to the Lord.


An ever-changing world requires consistently fresh thinking. Efforts to reach people in our rapidly and dramatically changing world demands creative approaches from mission-driven individuals and organizations.

IOM is a highly flexible organization uniquely positioned to serve this generation’s missional purpose. We specialize in creatively linking new and proven ministries with unmet needs. We work diligently to avoid stale thinking as we try to find needs which are not being addressed by others and endeavor to find solutions in unique and fruitful ways.


IOM is currently serving missionaries who serve people in: Cambodia • China • Colombia • Congo • Cyprus • Europe • Germany • Guatemala • India • Indonesia • Kenya • Mexico • Senegal • Taiwan • Thailand • Tibet • Uganda • Several Arabic speaking people groups and others in the Islamic world.

A Heart To Serve

Service is at the core of everything we do: serving senders and missionaries to those most needing a servant. Ultimately serving the Lord of the harvest, IOM works to unite the efforts of sending churches, oversight teams, indigenous partners, missionaries and mission agencies. We work especially hard to preserve the relationship between the local-folks-back-home and our Associate Missionaries. Our service goal is constant: Assist those the Lord has called to get to their field, according to their unique context and needs. Our focus is helping to ensure that the needed resources, tools, co-workers, and encouragement are there for them to do their job and fulfill their calling.

Multiple ways to donate

You can designate support for any particular Associate Missionary in any amount. Tax-deductible contributions can be made online via PayPal and Pushpay or offline by calling Karen Fairburn at 601-684-0558. Your contribution can be a one-time gift or be recurring and be paid via credit card or check. International Outreach Ministries is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization

Statement Of Faith

IOM is not affiliated with any particular denomination or fellowship. As such, we hold to the truths expressed in the Apostles Creed.

Become an iom missionary

Many independent missionaries, already in the field, have found a home with IOM…

We’re in the midst of the greatest harvest in all of history! God is doing amazing things, and even if you’ve never had any experience on the mission field, you can be part of it. You may not think you’re qualified, but God can use whatever skills you already have in a broad range of activities, such as business development, Bible teaching, childcare, carpentry and other trades, to name a few. And, you won’t be placed somewhere without support. You’ll be working with experienced veterans, God’s hero team, who are carrying out His mission in the world today. Call Michael McCarty at 601-684-0558 to learn how!

Get Your Feet Wet With Short-Term Missions

Short-term mission trips are the perfect way to get directly involved in missions. There are many opportunities to go beyond your comfort zone and make a difference in the world:

Teaching Ministry · Construction Projects · Youth Ministry · Economic Development · Mercy Ministries To The Poor

Mark 16:15

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

International Outreach Ministries



We take The Great Commision to heart. “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations.” Matthew 28-19



We are making a difference in the world. “You will know them by their fruit.” Matthew 7:16


We are currently in 26+ nations and growing. IOM serves countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Indonesia, Latin America and the Islamic world.


 We treat you and our missionaries like family. IOM is not an impersonal organization. As part of the family of God, we care deeply.


Contribute financially to the work of IOM Associate Missionaries:

You can be confident of your investments in IOM missionaries! Each project is carried out by committed and focused teams who back their efforts with everything they are and have. The return on your investment will be hearts touched, lives saved, families restored, societies healed, and nations transformed by the Person and Good News of Jesus Christ. IOM has the responsibility to exercise full administrative control over the use and application of donated funds. We appreciate suggestions as to the use of donations and while attempts will be made to apply the funds as suggested, it may be necessary to use the gift for another purpose. We spend very little on administration and promotion, so most of your money goes directly to the work in the field. The IOM family is a faith ministry, depending on God’s provision through the faithful prayers and gifts of people like you. IOM is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) 3 organization. Donations are deductible to the full extent permitted by the law. You have several ways to give:

1. Send a check: Mail your contributions to IOM, PO Box 2140, McComb, MS 39649. Make checks payable to IOM and indicate which missionary or project is intended.
2. The Direct Giving Plan: You authorize regularly scheduled contributions to be made from your checking or savings account on behalf of your missionary. Click here to print the authorization form.
3. Make an online donation with PayPal or PushPay.

Reviews & Endorsements


International Outreach Ministries has been a God-send to our organization. As a Christian International NGO serving overseas, the Hard Places Community needed a base back home in the U.S. to come around us with financial oversight and accountability, emotional support, and spiritual encouragement. IOM has been all of those things to us and more. On a daily basis, IOM staff is friendly, flexible and self-sacrificing as they work with us to keep all of the ministry wheels turning overseas. Once a year IOM leaders visit us on the field, lifting us up and being part of what God is doing in our ministry. The Hard Places Community is so grateful God led us to IOM, and we highly recommend them to any missionary to call “home.”

– Alli Mellon, Executive Director, HPC

Reviews & Endorsements

“Before moving to Cambodia, our new teammates confirmed that becoming IOM missionaries is a good move and we have found that to be true. IOM is so much more than just a financial clearinghouse. While we were still in our preparation stage, we were visited in our home by Michael and his wife. It was great having them right there ready to answer questions. We felt very supported and loved. IOM sends representatives to visit us on the field annually, treating all of their missionaries in that location to a thank-you dinner or retreat. The board members request to receive our newsletters and we have received encouraging replies from them. We got some particularly good advice from one of the board members when we were struggling with a decision early in our ministry on the ground. We are not a number or a file to IOM; they know us and want to do whatever they can to help our ministry to succeed.”


Reviews & Endorsements

I have been a missionary associated with International Outreach Ministries (IOM) almost from its inception. In 1989, I accepted the challenge given to me by the founder, Paul Petrie, to move to Kenya and establish an interdenominational ministry training institute from which to train pastors to a Scriptural worldview. Twenty-six years later, the Kenya Ministry Training Institute continues to prepare and encourage Christian leaders in East Africa under the auspices of IOM. Thousands of pastors have been educated and hundreds of churches have been established, in no small part due to the excellent support provided by IOM.
Through IOM resources, the inductive curriculum that my ministry team developed in Kenya has been translated into Spanish and is being used in similar training institutes in Mexico and Central America. International Outreach Ministries continues to provide opportunities for teams of teachers, builders, and short term missions to interact with and support these institutes.

In short, IOM has a strong historical record of logistical support to various and diverse missions, worldwide. I have not only trusted this organization over the years to manage our mission resources but also have counted on it to provide encouragement, stability, and synergy to me, my co-workers, and to those we serve. I am proud to still be connected to International Outreach Ministries.

– LeRoy Curtis, Founder of KMTI

Reviews & Endorsements

IOM has been an amazing blessing to our family and has provided amazing service to us as we have been on the field these last 15 years. They are incredibly professional and efficient in their administrative support. Additionally, we have greatly enjoyed getting to know the leadership of the organization and have felt incredibly supported by them emotionally and spiritually. We would recommend them to anyone going on the field.

– Jenny McGee, Founder & CEO, Starfish Project

Reviews & Endorsements

To any person involved in going, sending, supporting missionaries:
The decision to enter full-time, donor-supported missions work is a daunting challenge. Asking friends, family, churches and businesses to turn over a portion of their hard-earned money so you can answer the biblical charge to “go and tell, making disciples in all nations” is humbling. Asking folks to donate to a work they may never have even known about before you tell them your story, well that really is daunting. But if you believe deeply that going is what God has required of you if it is more than an “adventure” and really is your called work, then sharing the story is a must. Then seeing who God awakens to partner with you changes from daunting to energizing and confirming.


There is however, more to this than just finding prayer and financial support. There is a strong element of accountability, tax reporting, budget review, receipt and reporting donations to ensure all things remain honorable. There is a need for a partner at home who manages the business side of the mission work. IOM is among an elite group of agencies who provide donor relations support to ministries. We chose IOM from the start and that choice has proven to be solid. Great folks in the office and great leadership make our “back-office” function in a way that it almost feels like our own dedicated team. But the are providing support to hundreds of field missionaries and their donors with professional services.

I highly recommend that donor-supported missionaries give very serious consideration to engaging with IOM. This is a first class operation in the service of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

– Debbie and Pete Livingston, Missionaries to Cambodia

Reviews & Endorsements

I am very thankful for my partnership with IOM! Having such friendly, encouraging, and helpful people support me and my work abroad has made such a difference! They have relieved a lot of stress concerning financial issues and planning for me and are more than happy to help with anything else I might need. This leaves me more room to focus my energy less on money issues and coordination and more on what God is doing in and through me here in Cambodia. I am so thankful to have the wonderful staff at IOM on my team.

– Sophie Wysocki, Missionary to Cambodia

Reviews & Endorsements

IOM has provided us with much-needed support and encouragement for my ministry in Cambodia over the last 12 years. It’s comforting and a relief for us to know that my finances are being handled with care and expertise and that my donors are in good hands. And beyond the practical service they provide, the team at IOM has also become family. I greatly appreciate their visits on the field, their constant prayers, and their desire to stay connected with me. IOM continues to care for me and those I work with so well. Thank you IOM, I could not be here without you!

Becki Sardeson – Missionary to Cambodia

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