Welcome to IOM

International Outreach Ministries (IOM) is a diverse group of Jesus followers who desire to see people of every nation become His disciples in the Kingdom of God.

IOM operates relationally—like a family. This enables its Associate Missionaries to pursue their call and vision where and how they sense God directs while the IOM service and support team helps them to be fruitful. As an organization, we serve alongside sending support teams and local churches. IOM is registered with the IRS as a 501(c) 3 organization making donations given through IOM for missionary support fully tax deductible.

For a closer look at the ministry of IOM, click the toggles below. For a closer look at individual missionaries, click the Missionaries link in the navigation menu above. Our staff and board members are shown below.

What Is International Outreach Ministries?

An ever-changing world requires consistently fresh thinking. Efforts to reach people in our rapidly and dramatically changing world demands creative approaches from mission-driven individuals and organizations.

IOM is a highly flexible organization uniquely positioned to serve this generation’s missional purpose. We specialize in creatively linking new and proven ministries with unmet needs. We work diligently to avoid stale thinking as we try to find needs which are not being addressed by others and endeavor to find solutions in unique and fruitful ways.

Service is at the core of everything we do: serving senders and missionaries to those most needing a servant. Ultimately serving the Lord of the harvest, IOM works to unite the efforts of sending churches, oversight teams, indigenous partners, missionaries and mission agencies. We work especially hard to preserve the relationship between the local-folks-back-home and our Associate Missionaries. Our service goal is constant: Assist those the Lord has called to get to their field, according to their unique context and needs. Our focus is helping to ensure that the needed resources, tools, co-workers, and encouragement are there for them to do their job and fulfill their calling.
Many independent missionaries, already in the field, have found a home with IOM…

We’re in the midst of the greatest harvest in all of history! God is doing amazing things, and even if you’ve never had any experience on the mission field, you can be part of it. You may not think you’re qualified, but God can use whatever skills you already have in a broad range of activities, such as business development, Bible teaching, childcare, carpentry and other trades, to name a few. And, you won’t be placed somewhere without support. You’ll be working with experienced veterans, God’s hero team, who are carrying out His mission in the world today. Call Mike McCarty at 601-684-0558 to learn how!

IOM is not affiliated with any particular denomination or fellowship. As such, we hold to the truths expressed in the Apostles Creed.
IOM was founded in 1985 by Paul Petrie and a group of concerned individuals. Click for more.

Key Considerations…

IOM is currently serving missionaries who serve people in: Cambodia • China • Columbia • Congo • Cyprus • Europe • Germany • Guatemala • India • Indonesia • Kenya • Mexico • Senegal • Taiwan • Thailand • Tibet • Uganda • Several Arabic speaking people groups and others in the Islamic world
IOM missionaries are effectively serving:
• Victims of human slavery and trafficking
• Orphaned, abandoned & deaf children
• Pastoral development & training
• Vocational training
• Evangelistic outreach in open & closed countries
IOM is efficiently operated, with 92% of contributions going to the support of our Associate Missionaries.
You can designate support for any particular Associate Missionary in any amount. Tax-deductible contributions can be made online via PayPal and Pushpay or offline by calling Sandy Jeanson at 601-684-0558. Your contribution can be a one-time gift or be recurring and be paid via credit card or check. International Outreach Ministries is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization
The operation of IOM is overseen by a board of eight seasoned individuals.

Meet the IOM Staff

Mike McCarty, Th.D
Mike McCarty, Th.DExecutive Director
Mike has served as President of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of IOM since 2008. He brings 35 years as a bi-vocational pastor, businessman, and missions supporter to the office.
Ronald Gray
Ronald GrayDirector of Mission Support
Ronald Gray brings 42 years as an international minister to serve as IOM’s Director of Mission Support. In this role, he helps the missionaries to accomplish their goals with the use of teams and advice. He travels in the USA sharing what our missionaries are doing and connects churches with missions.
Sandy Jeanson
Sandy JeansonAssistant to the Director
Sandy has served with IOM since 2006. She is responsible for application processing,
personnel issues, payroll, and donations thru bank drafts or checks..
Kim Dorr
Kim DorrAccountant
Kim brings 15 years of accounting experience to serve as IOM’s internal accountant. She is responsible for the accounting and reporting activities, ensuring that systems and procedures are in place to support effective program implementation, support and recordkeeping.

Our Board Members…

Michael T. McCarty, Sr.IOM Board President
Mike has served as President of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of IOM since 2008.
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Dwayne HiggasonBoard Member
Dwayne Higgason has served more than 20 years as a pastor and mission project manager. He also serves on the IOM board.
Ronald GraySecretary/Treasurer
Ron has served on the IOM board for 20+ years.
Richard SmithBoard Member
Richard Smith is the founder and owner of Fine Line Production, in Dallas, Texas. He serves as an IOM board member.
Rev. Bill MurphyBoard Member
Bill Murphy is not new to missions. Bill travels regularly internationally to visit, support and encourage missionaries. His wealth of pastoral experience and his international worldview is a great asset to the IOM Board.
Dennis CollBoard Member
Dennis Coll has logged 40 years in leadership roles and development of NGO’s. He’s the President of Abildso Foundation USA. He Serves IOM and the Middle East Program for Young Leaders and as a board member.
John McCarterBoard Member
John McCarter, President and Chaplain of Tophers Grill with Ain’t Life Grand Investments. He is also an Elder at Grace Temple Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He leads several short term mission trips a year taking ALG employees.
Paul PetrieBoard Member and Founder of IOM
Paul Petrie is the Founder of IOM and serves as a board member.