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Michael McCarty, Sr., Th.D

Executive Director

Ronald Gray

Director of Mission Support

Sandy Jeanson

Associate Care

Kim Dorr


Karen Fairburn

Donor Care

Dwayne Higgason

Assistant Director


The first IOM Missionary Commissioning Service was held on August 16, 1986, and 42 men & women were commissioned to international service. The earliest IOM missionaries, commissioned to go to countries in Europe, Africa, and Latin America, engaged in a variety of missionary endeavors and activities. Their common focus was the revelation of Father’s reconciling love through Jesus and the proclamation and extension of His Kingdom. Then and now, IOM was more than an organization; it is a network of relationships that God has joined together. As a company of servants, we have been sent out to make Him known across the earth. That was our purpose then and it remains our purpose now.

In 1990, Gary Henley became the Director. Though Gary had been a church planter in both the cities of Chicago and Dallas, he had a growing concern for the gospel to be taken to un-sown fields and unreached peoples globally and IOM became the vehicle to address that concern. Looking back, we see the Father’s sovereign care for IOM missionaries. The original service concept of IOM was that individual churches would send missionaries whose pastoral care would come primarily from those churches, while the administration of the funds and strategy of the work would be facilitated through IOM. This initial approach ultimately proved only partly effective. Today, IOM receives and handles several million dollars of missionary support funds annually from donors across North America. However, time proved that the pastoral reach of sending churches often needed to be supplemented with one-on-one, on-the-field encouragement from an IOM support team. Gary and several IOM Board members, began to travel to encourage, strengthen and strategize with IOM Associates on the field. Ronald Gray joined IOM in the mid-1990’s and has since mobilized hundreds of short-term teams to evangelize, to encourage, and to carry out several significant construction projects in conjunction with and support of long-term IOM Associate Missionaries.

After 9/11, it became acutely obvious to some that Muslims comprised one of the largest and neediest unreached groups in the world. In partnership with associates in the USA and in the Muslim world, an IOM team helped develop an Arabic language internet outreach to Muslims. Today, IOM’s “e-Bridge” project continues to take the gospel to hundreds of thousands of Muslims who would not otherwise have access to it. In 2008, Gary and his wife moved to Morocco to work with the multinational team pioneering this effort. To help facilitate the Henley’s relocation to Morocco, Michael McCarty took over the primary administrative responsibility for IOM and has since become the ministry’s Executive Director. Under his oversight, IOM has experienced exciting new growth and increased its administrative effectiveness.

Additional fields such as China, and Cambodia are now being served by IOM Associate Missionaries. Among other things, many of these new workers are now confronting the wickedness of sexual exploitation and human trafficking, as well as meeting many other needs in Asia. In fact, today there are 100+ IOM missionaries serving in 20+ countries. Like IOM’s first Associates, the activities of the newest IOM missionaries vary: from working in the modern-day abolition movement to finding new and creative ways to deliver the gospel to historically “closed” nations, from helping train future pastoral, business, and political leaders, to humanitarian efforts like drilling water wells and feeding children. Then and now, the common thread is a passion to let the world know God’s redemptive, reconciling love.

The rest, as they say, is history! IOM’s history! The books that could be written about what is taking place through this group of friends serving together and being served by IOM, would be extensive. The overall influence of the organization has been remarkable. However, it’s not the organization – that is just the clothing, something needed and useful, but not the essence of what we are. IOM is ultimately the people whom He has put together, their relationships and stories, their sacrifice and service that have changed the lives of individuals around the world.

(Not Pictured Richard Smith and Murray Bradfield)


Michael T. McCarty, Sr.

Mike has served as President of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of IOM since 2008.

Richard Smith

Richard is the founder and owner of Fine Line Production, in Dallas, Texas.

John McCarter

John, President and Chaplain of Tophers Burgers and Biscuits with Ain’t Life Grand Investments. He is also an Elder at Grace Temple Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Dwayne Higgason
Vice President

Dwayne has served more than 20 years as a pastor and mission project manager.

Bill Murphy

Bill travels regularly internationally to visit, support and encourage missionaries. His wealth of pastoral experience and his international worldview is a great asset to the IOM Board.

Mike Jeanson

Mike is a recently retired public school educator. Currently he travels to various IOM ministry training institutes to teach pastors the curriculum.

Ronald Gray

Ron has served on the IOM board for 20+ years.

Murray Bradfield

Murray has been involved in missions and church leadership since 1971.