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International: A.T. & Crystal Holder

The Holder family has been dramatically affected by working with young children who have been pulled out of sex trafficking. They started their work in Ecuador building a home for these victims who no longer had a place to go. Crystal worked directly with the kids while A.T. focused on the construction project. After their time was finished in Ecuador, God opened up an opportunity for them to join Agape International Ministries. At first the Holder family joined AIM in Cambodia and after two years started a new branch of the organization in Belize. The Holders have just finished their time with AIM and are now praying for God’s leadership in their next steps.


2016: A.T. and Crystal moved to Ecuador, South America to serve a small ministry in partnership with Fuel the Mission.

2018: A.T., Crystal, and Tommy landed in Cambodia, SE Asia to serve with Agape International Missions (AIM).

2021: A.T., Crystal, Tommy, and Keiper moved to Belize, Central America to work with AIM in a new capacity.

2024: A.T., Crystal, Tommy, Keiper, Judah, and Belize Josette are returning Stateside, having completed their service with AIM.

2025: The Lord is writing the next chapter, and we are open to His direction.