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San Jose, Costa Rica – FUNDADEJO Team
Begun in January 2004, this is the first of the International Boy With a Ball teams and was seen as important enough for Boy with a Ball Founder and Executive Director Jamie Johnson to move his family to San Jose to launch it. The task was not an easy one. Team members worked intensively toward acquiring Spanish, assimilating with the culture and understanding the youth situation in Costa Rica. See below for more.

More About Boy With a Ball

The process has gone so well with this team; they are now modeling what they believe a Boy with a Ball Latin American team needs to be. Staff and team members walk through the precario (poor section) several times a week, making contact with families and developing relationships with them. Teams offer assistance to families in the precario in three primary areas: School Supplies, Medical Needs, and Occupational Help. These are developed within the context of Focused Small Groups and Family Groups in the precario.

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