Cambodia: A.T. & Crystal Holder

The Holder family has been dramatically affected by working with young children who have been pulled out of sex trafficking. They started their work in Ecuador building a home for these victims who no longer had a place to go. Crystal worked directly with the kids while A.T. focused on the construction project. After their time was finished in Ecuador, God opened up an opportunity for them to join Agape International Ministries. A.T. has accepted a position as the Executive Assistant for the founder of AIM. This is a very exciting ministry to work in and they are thankful to be able to go and serve these young ones with AIM. Continued below.

Holder Mission At-a-Glance

  • Serving in Cambodia
  • Mission focus: sex trafficking rescue & rehabilitation
  • AIM’s ministry in Cambodia

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More About the Holders

The position requires a two-year commitment where A.T. will be working with organizations, communications and project management. This position will allow them to learn much about the programs and prepare us for fighting for justice around the world. We are humbled and honored to join AIM and God’s mission in Cambodia. Crystal too was offered positions, but with much prayer and consideration has chosen to focus on serving our family right now. She does have hopes that she will once again begin to work with rescued children and there are opportunities open in Cambodia.

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