Cambodia: Gabe and Marla Taviano

Gabe and Marla Taviano moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia with their three daughters (Olivia—15, Ava—14, Nina—10) in January 2015. They studied Khmer for most of the year and, in January 2016, they moved to Siem Reap to start a center for sexually-exploited kids. They handed the center over to Khmer leadership in July 2016 and are praying about their next steps as a family. God has given them some really cool ideas, and they’re excited to see what He’s going to do.

Taviano Mission At-a-Glance

      • Serving Cambodia since January 2015
      • Mission focus: fighting against child sex trafficking

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More About the Tavianos

The Tavianos are so incredibly thankful to finally be in Cambodia and so grateful for all that IOM does to help them stay there.

Websites: http://marlataviano.com