Cambodia: Meghan Pickett

Meghan is returning to Cambodia to work for Hope International School in Siem Reap. She will be teaching English and Mathematics for grades 5, 6, 7, and 8. Hope International is an English-speaking school, but most of the students are from families who are not native English speakers. There is also a percentage of children from foreign aid workers who are in Cambodia for humanitarian projects as well as some local Cambodian (Khmer) children. Many of our students are children of missionaries whose parents are unable to homeschool them. Continued below.

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More About Meghan Pickett

Meghan’s desire is to help support local missionaries and their families who are working with the lost and hurting in the community. This school provides a way for both mothers and fathers to be involved in reaching Cambodia, which doubles the amount of people sharing the Gospel in the city and countryside.