Cambodia: Ruth Elliott

Ruth is a British psychologist who left Cambridge University in the UK in 2002, to work with victims of trafficking in Cambodia. In 2007, Ruth founded Daughters of Cambodia, a faith-based non-Government organization reaching out to victims of sex trafficking in Cambodia. DOC facilitates girls’ exit from the sex industry by providing alternative income generation and recovery programs that enable them to set themselves free and sustain healthy choices for their lives. They come because they are already motivated to change their lives, and Daughters gives them choice and dignity in building a different future, that make their choices sustainable and respect their human rights. Continued below.


Elliott Mission At-a-Glance

      • Serving in Cambodia
      • Mission focus: sex trafficking rescue & rehabilitation
      • 700 girls rescued

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More About Ruth Elliott

At Daughters, they are empowered to make changes by building their internal capacity and through the provision of jobs. Daughters operates 7 non-profit social enterprise businesses which are fair trade, with a high standard of working conditions, free daycare. Our recovery programs include counseling & social work services, medical clinic, and educational workshops, designed to facilitate psychological and physical recovery. Daughters also has church on-site each week for girls who wish to learn about Christianity. Since its inception, Daughters has helped 700 girls to exit the sex industry.

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