Cambodia: Stephanie Tyrna (HPC)

From a young age, God had put the nations on my heart. It wasn’t until after college that I went overseas and began the journey of missions that God has called me to. In 2010, I moved to Cambodia to work with individuals in the sex trade. My work with The Hard Places Community while living in Phnom Penh was life changing. I was able to work directly with young children who had been, currently were or at risk of being abused and sexually exploited. Continued below.

Stephanie Tyrna Mission At-a-Glance

      • Serving in Cambodia
      • Mission focus: fighting against child sex trafficking

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More About Stephanie Tyrna

A lot of my time was spent working at our Boys Center in the heart of the capital city, Phnom
Penh. I then helped with the research and development of a safe house and our Girl’s Center. Now, I am currently in the States still working alongside HPC as the Short Term Administrator, recruiting and sending individuals who are interested in serving alongside HPC to Cambodia.

It is such a blessing to connect with others who have a passion to serve and seek justice for these men, women and children who have been and are currently being exploited. The names and faces of those who I worked alongside and saw in my daily life while living in Cambodia have forever been ingrained into my mind and heart. They are the ones that keep me going and keep me passionate for the call that God has placed on my life to reach the poor, needy, broken and least of these, here in my backyard as well as overseas and back “home” in Southeast Asia.

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