Cambodia: Yvonne Stiles

I live and work in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where I have been for the past 6 years. As of January 2016, I have begun a new ministry! I am partnering with the internship program at my church here. The 10-month internship is designed for Khmer young adults who have recently graduated high school and would like some biblical foundation and life skills training before finding a job. I am developing and teaching a course that has never been offered before! Continued below.

Stiles Mission At-a-Glance

      • Serving in Cambodia since 2010
      • Mission focus: biblical foundation and life skills training for youth

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More About Yvonne Stiles

My desire is to expose students to the practical issues facing Cambodia today (poverty, human trafficking, lack of medical care and knowledge, poor education system…) and to help them process how God may be asking them to be involved in bringing change to their nation. This is accomplished through classroom bible study and discussions, Cambodian staff from various organizations and ministries coming to share their experiences and site visits to those places. While it does take a lot of effort to prepare the curriculum and then teach it in Khmer it is absolutely worth every minute when I see my students faces light up as they understand their influence in Cambodia and that they can hear from God!

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