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Youth Ministry

Clint Eaves—Crumbs From the Table

Clint Eaves has found himself in a ministry for Christ that began when he and his wife were looking to adopt several years ago. He and his wife ended up behind the former Iron Curtain and to date have adopted 10 children. More importantly, he has ongoing relationships with the orphanages and a commitment to bringing Christ into these unfortunate children’s lives—and “changing their stars” whether thru adoption or a more successful transition from orphanage to self-sufficiency. Continued below.

More About Crumbs From the Table

The brutal reality is that about 1/2 of the orphan girls end up in the sex trade and 1/2 of the boys end up in prison. Ten percent commit suicide. One-third of the children are homeless. They are missing not only a traditional family structure and support but also a Christian family and Christ’s example and the bedrock of a personal relationship with Him. Clint founded an organization called “Crumbs from the Table” that you can find on Facebook: