Columbia: Vic Kondo

Colombia Tribal Translation
For several decades, Vic and Riena Kondo labored in a remote section of Columbia, completing a translation of the New Testament and an Old Testament summary, as well as bilingual dictionaries for the Guayabero and Guahibo people groups. As IOM missionaries, they have been working in Colombia under the auspices of Calvary Chapel of Columbia in close coordination with the Summer Institute of Linguistics. See below for more.

Kondo Mission At-a-Glance

      • Serving Columbia for decades
      • Mission focus: tribal Bible translation
      • Vic Kondo (Riena has gone to be with the Lord)
      • Accomplishments: New Testament translation for the Guayabero and Guahibo people groups

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More About the Kondo Mission

The New Testament has been completed and published and is now being distributed to the Guayabero people. However, just after the time of its release, Riena was promoted to her eternal home, following a lengthy illness. Vic continues to work on the bilingual dictionaries, as well as the Old Testament, for the two people groups. Not long before her promotion, Riena told her husband, “Finish what we began.” Vic is doing just that!