Costa Rica: Charlyn Simpson Mejia

Nearly 20 years ago, Charlyn Simpson took a break from fashion design school for a short-term trip to Central America. There, the children she found in the dust of the streets stole her heart. She dropped out of school, moved to Costa Rica, rented a very small home in the barrio, began to learn Spanish, and continued to love the children. Later, she married a Costa Rican, Enrique Mejia, and they began taking street kids into their home. See below for more.

Costa Rica Mission At-a-Glance

      • Serving Costa Rica since 1995
      • Mission focus: orphans in Costa Rica
      • Enrique and Charlyn Mejia and friends

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More About Charlyn Simpson Mejia

Early on, they determined that a typical orphanage was not what the children needed, but a home with a father and mother. The Mejias have established that home and have raised many of those children. With the help of numerous IOM work teams, they are now building similar homes on the same property, where other street children will be parented to the glory of God.