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Contribute financially to the work of IOM Associate Missionaries:

You can be confident of your investments in IOM missionaries! Each project is carried out by committed and focused teams who back their efforts with everything they are and have. The return on your investment will be hearts touched, lives saved, families restored, societies healed, and nations transformed by the Person and Good News of Jesus Christ. IOM has the responsibility to exercise full administrative control over the use and application of donated funds. We appreciate suggestions as to the use of donations and while attempts will be made to apply the funds as suggested, it may be necessary to use the gift for another purpose. We spend very little on administration and promotion, so most of your money goes directly to the work in the field. The IOM family is a faith ministry, depending on God’s provision through the faithful prayers and gifts of people like you. IOM is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) 3 organization, and donations are deductible to the full extent permitted by the law. You have several ways to give:

1. Send a check: Mail your contributions to IOM, PO Box 2140, McComb, MS 39649. Make checks payable to IOM and indicate which missionary or project is intended.
2. The Direct Giving Plan: You authorize regularly scheduled contributions to be made from your checking or savings account on behalf of your missionary. Click here to print the authorization form.
3. Make an online donation with PayPal or PushPay.