East Africa: The Wafulas

I came to KMTI in 1996 as a young student and I was given a chance to pursue my studies. Through a lot of struggle and great determination, I was able to finish my Diploma studies and graduated in 1999. Later that year I was sent to open a satellite school in Bungoma while at the same time pastoring a church in the outskirts of the city. The school grew from just a few students to a bigger class. I taught in that city for 8 years graduating hundreds of senior church leaders. Continued below.

Wafula Mission At-a-Glance

      • Serving Kenya and East Africa since 1999
      • Mission focus: training pastoral leaders
      • Pastors trained since 1999: 1700+

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More About The Wafulas

I was given a chance to move to Kitale with my family to serve as the college principal of schools. During this time, I continued my studies earning a BA in Divinity and later a Masters in Christian Education. I was later promoted to serve as the Director of our schools in East Africa.

My wife Joy and I are both graduates of KMTI and have served KMTI/UMTI for about 18 years. We have been married for 15 years and have three children, Larry, Joseph and Mercy who are all in school.

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