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Indonesia: Islands of Spiritual Need

Indonesia is an island nation in Southeast Asia. It’s the largest island country in the world, with more than 14,000 islands. It has a population over 250 million and is the most populous Muslim-majority country. Indonesia’s republican form of government includes an elected legislature and president. It has been an important trade region since the 7th century. Muslim traders brought the now-dominant Islam. Indonesia’s history has been turbulent, with natural disasters, mass slaughter, corruption, separatism, a democratisation process, and periods of rapid economic change.

Population: 700,000,000

Spiritually lost: 650,000,000 (93%)

Unreached people groups: 1000

Indonesia: Unnamed Missionary

This IOM missionary (name withheld) lived with this highly resistant Muslim tribal group for a number of years. Instability in that area caused her to return to the USA in 2000. Subsequently, this people group was seriously affected by the tsunami in 2005. After the tsunami, our IOM missionary returned to help with relief work. Knowledge of the culture and fluency with the language made it possible to serve as an interpreter and guide, to give badly needed counsel on how to relate to this group, and to successfully open doors to senior leadership in the culture. See below for more.


More About the Indonesia Mission

As a result, a great deal of relief work and materials reached them, and the impact has been significant. Though working with a group like this is like walking a tightrope, this ministry continues effectively 11 years later. Due to the sensitivity of the situation, the name of this IOM missionary, as well as the people group, must remain confidential.