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  • Serving girls and women who have been traumatized by abuse
  • Serving in the UK, the U.S., Greece, and Afghanistan.

International: Jana Dean

Isaiah 58 has been a lifelong calling for Jana. She has worked with vulnerable and displaced people around the world—in Guatemala, Afghanistan, India, Kenya, Greece, and the U.S. Her focus is on people traumatized by war and oppression and women and girls traumatized by abuse. She helps them escape to safety, grieve the heavy losses they have experienced, including in some cases their entire families, and begin their lives anew. She walks with them on their healing journeys by praying for them in Jesus’ name, and loving them as a mom or sister. Most importantly, she points them to Jesus, the one who is able to deliver from oppression and transfer us from death to life, both physically and spiritually. Continued below.

More About Jana Dean

One percent of the world’s population—79.5 million people—have been forcibly displaced from their homes (UNHCR, June 2020). They are displaced by war, terrorism, misogyny, racism, human rights abuses, and other kinds of conflict and persecution. Refugees account for 26 million of those, half of them children who are especially vulnerable to exploitation. Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Myanmar are the top five refugee-producing countries. This worldwide movement of people groups represents an incredible opportunity for the Church to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the most vulnerable. We can do that by meeting their practical needs, being a voice for the voiceless, and welcoming them to our communities and into our homes.

God affords special protections for vulnerable people including orphans, widows, strangers, and the poor. Refugees are strangers, but they often represent the other categories as well. To take the good news to the ends of the earth, we only have to drive across town or walk across the street as the ends of the earth have come to us!

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Contact Jana to invite her to speak to your church, small group, or Sunday school class –in person or by Zoom— about God’s work in Afghanistan and among Afghan people in Afghanistan and around the world.

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