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International: Jocelyn Boote

I am Jocelyn, a missionary pilot seeking to serve the isolated by overcoming geographical barriers using the tool of aviation. A few years ago, I spent some time in rural Alaska serving youth who were in need of the physical and spiritual hope that is the perfect love of our Father. God used that time to open my eyes to the need of spreading His extraordinary grace and redeeming glory to the isolated; and also the difficulty of it. Read more below.


More About Jocelyn Boote

Join me as I strive to save missionaries days of walking and miles of driving on inadequate roads as they take education, community development, medical care, clean water, and most importantly, the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ to the isolated. Your partnership makes a lasting difference by helping to spread Christ’s love to those impacted by thick jungle, mountainous terrain, and winding rivers. Please pray, share my story, and be apart of His Kingdom work through this ministry.