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International: Mandy Bufkin

Mandy is a Jackson, MS native and graduate of Belhaven University. After feeling called into ministry and missions at the age of 14, she pursued God’s calling by working with New Wine Ireland after college. Through this ministry, she spent two years in the UK and Ireland working with local churches. In 2014, her brother took his life after 10 years of battling mental illness. Still reeling from the tragedy, Mandy moved home and began a ministry is his memory the following year. Continued below.

More About Mandy Bufkin

In My World Ministries exists to live out the prayer of Christ: “Your Kingdome come. Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” We long to see heaven meeting earth as God’s people walk into His calling by serving others.

In My World Ministries is a nonprofit organization founded by the McCullough family. The goals and visions of IMW are based on a poem by Jesse McCullough, their beloved son, and brother, who passed away May 21, 2014.

The J.E.S.S.E Vision

Justice {Globally}: We seek homes for orphans; food for the hungry; justice and peace for the abused.

Education: We teach awareness of social issues; life skills to the marginalized; and character development to children.

Sharing {Locally}: We share with others through accepting and distributing clothing and food donations.

Serving: We serve those with medical and mental health needs by providing holistic medical clinic visits that provide income-based payments.

Evangelical: We seek to show God’s love and peace in all of our interactions.

The J.E.S.S.E Vision is a huge amount of work that will be rolled out over the first 8 to 10 years of the ministry beginning.

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