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Short-Term Missions

Short-Term Missions: James & Marietta Yoder

James & Marietta both felt a call to missions in their youth and began their ministry in southern Belize in the late 70’s. In 1979 they married and moved to a remote Kekchi Maya village four miles off the road and close to the Guatemala border. As they learned the language and interacted with the Kekchi people in their day to day life, a bond was created that has continued beyond the 10+ years they spent in southern Belize. James is now traveling and interpreting full time here in the USA for the Kekchi who are coming to the USA. This brings a lot of ministry opportunities into their lives both here and in Central America. James & Marietta are now ministering and counseling here in the USA and continue to travel to Belize and other Central America countries, encouraging Kekchi believers in the faith.