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There is always a need to teach leaders, train pastors, evangelize and support. There are buildings that need to be built for teaching centers, dormitories, and orphanages. These are things that short-term groups can accomplish. We have teams that travel under various leaders to support our missionaries. Please let us know if you are interested in going or leading a short term team.

Short-Term Missions: Angela Hough

Angela Hough directs Opportunity, Inc. with a mission to impart values that increase economic opportunities and encourages life-change through business. Her goal is to mobilize and facilitate Kingdom business people with the desire to offer their experience and abilities within the marketplace. Her short-term missions have taken her all over the world. Continued below.

More About Opportunity, Inc

We hope to equip people with a sense of their purpose and help them to use Kingdom principles in such a way that will create questions and opportunity for them to share their faith. Equipping people who have access to the masses 40 or more hours every week, we need to bring business people to a higher level to demonstrate Christ and impact communities. We also want to impart ideas that will help them to grow their business both financially and spiritually.

The values we speak of are Integrity, Dependability, Excellence, and Stewardship. We want people to know there is still a place for accountability, respect, and servant leadership in business.

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